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Marsil ensures meticulous checks of all its orders. Every effort is made to achieve zero defect supplies.

Timely Deliveries

Marsil is acutely aware that timely delivery is of the utmost importance in the fashion industry.

The entire team from creative to procurement of materials to merchandisers, work at top speed to achieve the delivery targets of clients.

Outstanding Service

Marsil believes in and is committed to providing outstanding service to its clients.

Ethical Practices

The Management of Marsil believes in running an ethical business that rejects economic exploitation.

The company has many of its own embroidery factories. Marsil commits itself to educate its embroidery workshops to universal standards especially pertaining to health and safety.

Marsil works hard to respect social compliance and welcomes client audits.

Social Awareness & Making a Difference

Marsil is a charter participant in “UTTHAN”, a skills accreditation pilot project for hand embroidery beaders designed by Impactt / UK, to support wages, working conditions and a will to create respect for Mumbai’s artisans.

Funding / Supporting :

Asha Sadan : Employees participate annually in The Standard Chartered Marathon to raise funds and support this NGO. The Managing Partner is part of the Managing Committee and dedicates her time on a weekly basis. Marsil has empowered some women from this NGO by integrating them into the company.

IwasaSari : Marsil supports this project for training women artisans to upgrade their skills with learning specialised hand embroidery. Marsil also works with this foundation to create exciting embroidered products for sale , to help empower the women involved.

VCare Foundation : Marsil has been a leading sponsor of the Squash fundraiser for VCare Foundation, to raise funds for cancer patients. This project was initiated by the children of one of the Partners, a cancer survivor herself.

World Vision : Marsil sponsors a number of underprivileged children each year to financially support their education and living expenses.